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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in a Crowded Job Search Market

While some would argue that today’s job market is wide open for job-seekers, the truth is that only applies to low-level or non-skilled labor opportunities. The same cannot be said for mid to high-level or executive positions where the marketplace remains highly competitive. If you’re looking for a role in these positions, it is more important than ever to make sure your resume stands out. These tips will help.

Consider Adding a Video Element to Your Resume

Oddly enough, this trend doesn’t have quite the traction you would think. However, including a video allows you to present yourself as a thought-leader in your industry in a way that a written resume does not. If you’re not comfortable with a video, consider including links to a personal website or blog that showcases your talents and personality better.

Eliminate Spelling and Grammar Errors

For some reason, this is often overlooked among job-seekers. Failing to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors from your resume can cost you the job. Employers feel that if you’re not willing to make this small effort to get the job, you might not be willing to make when you’re employed, which could reflect poorly upon them.

Include Measurable Accomplishments

This is huge for people who have experience in the field. No matter what field you’re in, if you can include measurable results and statistics about your accomplishments, such as percentage of increased sales, how much money your product earned the company, how much you managed to cut labor costs for your organization, etc. it can give them a glimpse into how effective you are in specific roles.

Ultimately, your resume is your personal sales page. Use it wisely to let employers know how hiring you benefit them.

April 12, 2022 | Get a Real Career