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Job Search Tips

Survival Tips for Your First 30 Days on a New Job

Surviving a new job is hard, no matter what type of job it is. You'll have to develop a strategy to deal with your sleeping schedule, rules and regulations, and some of the policies surrounding the pandemic. These are some tips for surviving during your first 30 days:

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How to Tell When a Job Is a Bad Match for You

Sometimes you can't tell that a job is bad for you until you get deep into working in it for a while. The following are some signs that your current job is not the right one for you:

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Communication Challenges That Could Be Holding You Back

Communication is a crucial aspect of any job search. You will be communicating with many new people both through writing (emails) and through speech (phone calls, interviews.) When there are communication challenges, it can create hurdles that slow you down. Here are a few common communication challenges people face.

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